Departmental Activities

The major activities of the Department

  1. Upgraded Fish-seed is provided to fish farmers.
  2. Departmental officers / employees visits actual region for spreading/ propagation and recommend advanced fishing technologies on village level.
  3. Beneficiaries of the various classes are provided grants in the form of loans from commercial banks for various activities related to fisheries development.
  4. National welfare schemes such as group insurance, welfare and housing are being operated for fishermen. Savings - co – relief National plan was initiated from 2002-03.
  5. Under the new policy for fisherman – 2008, rights for the development of lake / reservoir for fisheries, spread over 1000 hectares on average, are being transferred to Panchayati Raj Institutions and activities such as selection of beneficiaries for various schemes, training, funding, etc. are made through the Panchayat.
  6. Allotting rural lakes on 10-year lease to the people below poverty line, providing them sources for fishery, helping them achieve their economic and social growth and trying to increase fish production, through scheme for Fish Farmers Development Agency.
  7. Right to Information has been implemented in the department in order to bring transparency in the administration. Under this act, citizens can obtain copies of records regarding rural lakes / irrigation reservoirs, registered fishermen cooperative societies and other documents, by paying fees of Rs. 2 / - per page.
  8. Department has set time limit for the implementation of departmental plans in citizen charter, under which information of departmental plans / programs, fishing, charter Case, loans, grants, fishermen training / study tours and services related to welfare activities to be delivered within 15-30 days. (Appendix - 1)
  9. Public Information Officer and Assistant Public Information Officer has been appointed to implement under Right to Information Act 2005 in all districts. Shri. S.K. Srivastava has been named on Directorate Level, Deputy Director as Public Information Officer and Assistant Director Shri H. K. Khare as Assistant Public Information Officer. (Appendix - three)