Department of Fisheries is working under Madhya Pradesh on Ministry level. Fisheries Directorate Madhya Pradesh Fish Farm, Bhadbhada Road, Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh Fisheries Federation are functional at Bhadbhadaa Road, Bhopal.

Work allocated to the Department

  • Development and testing of all fishing ponds / reservoirs and rivers for fishing
  • Establishment, administration and development of fish seed domain.
  • Fish seed production and distribution
  • Fisheries that includes fish conservation, testing and cultivation
  • Research for Fish cultivation, expansion and development.
  • Development and exchange of fishing methods.
  • Formation and empowerment of fisheries cooperatives.
  • Implementation of welfare schemes for fishermen.
  • Fish marketing and legislation
  • Conservation, testing and cultivation of eatable water species.
  • All issues associated with such services related to department.