To create fish market for promotion of fish sales

Name of the Scheme To create fish market for promotion of fish sales
Affiliated with State
Objectives of the Scheme To provide well organized marketing of fishes and to provide better quality fish in rural and urban areas
Format and coverage of the Scheme Entire State
Plan Implementation Process 1. Assessment of per day sales of fishes in regular markets will be done by authorities of fisheries Department.
2. Site plan and the estimate for construction of market at the selected spot will be prepared by the local bodies with the consent of the authorities of Fisheries Department.
3. Construction of the market will be done by providing funds to local bodies according to construction plan and estimate.
4. The shops in the constructed market shall be allotted with the consent of local body and the department of fisheries.
Eligibility of beneficiary -
Duration of Training -
Amount of Grant Construction of fish market is done with hundred percent of grant
Other Information The scheme is being operated from the year 2012 in all Districts of the State.