New Fish Prosperity Plan

Name of the Scheme New Fish Prosperity Plan.
Affiliated with State
Objectives of the Scheme For prosperity of fish resources in the rivers of the State, Collection of seeds of naturally found fish species in deep pockets of rivers.
Mobilization of subsistence resources by providing employment through fishing in rivers for fishermen living hereditary along the rivers, the people belongs to scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.
Conservation of biodiversity in rivers.
Increase in fish production in the State.
Use of fish in diet as low cost protein for elimination of malnutrition.
Format and coverage of the Scheme Accumulation of fish seed at the rate of 5000 fingerlings per hectare in 890 deep pockets of 17088 Km. rivers flowing in the State.
Utilization of rural ponds for fish seed promotion.
Priority to rural pond located beside the deep pockets for fish seed promotion.
Accumulation of 100 mm. and bigger sized fish seed in the rivers.
Promotion of fish seeds by fishing co operatives / self help groups to be made of  buyback system.
Purchasing and accumulation of fish seeds at rates of government after fish seed promotion.
To aware to fishermen about fish conservation in rivers.
Plan Implementation Process To ensure public partnership for prosperity of fishery resources in the rivers.
To establish a committee at local level, and the work of fish seed collection to be done before them
To inspire and to give information for conservation of fishery resources and safety of accumulated fish seeds to rural people by attending the program such as Gram Sabha.
To form reverine protection committee according to requirement, biodiversity work to be assigned.
Eligibility of beneficiary Person of scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and other backward class living along the rivers.
Duration of Training 10 Days.
Amount of Grant Rs. 500/- per thousand fish fingerlings from the department, for production and transport expenses.
Other Information Fishing is free in the rivers of the State.
It is compulsory to follow the Rules of M.P. Fisheries Act - 1948, in the rivers of the State.