Grant Aid to Registered Fishermen Co operatives

Name of the Scheme Grant aid to Registered fishermen Co operative Societies.
Affiliated with State
Objectives of the Scheme The scheme is proposed with the aim of Improvement of social and economic condition of fishermen through providing financial assistance to registered fishermen co operative societies engaged in fish farming and various works of fish culture in irrigation reservoirs, other govt. and semi govt. ponds and in the ponds of local bodies.
Format and coverage of the Scheme The scope of the scheme will be in entire Madhyapradesh.
Plan Implementation Process 1. Wide dissemination of the scheme shall be done by departmental district officer and departmental field officer and they will provide the detailed information about the scheme by conducting the meetings etc.
2. To get the financial assistance, under this scheme, the President / Secretary of the registered fishermen co operative society will submit the application, in the prescribed format to the departmental district officer with the proposal of management committee and the updated information of members of the society.
3. Concerned regional officer of the department will examine the proposal according to clause 4 and 6, if it is found correct he will send it to district office of the department with recommendation.
4. After receiving the application from the committee, if it is found correct under the provisions of the scheme, amount of the grant will be decided by the District officer of the department within the period of 15 days, on the basis of calculation according to prescribed norms in clause no. 6, and all the applications which found correct will be listed and send to the Agriculture standing committee of District Panchayat for approval.
5. District officer of the department will provide the category wise (General category, Scheduled caste and Schedule Tribe) information of allocated fund for the financial year to the Agriculture standing committee and will prepare the category wise list of fishermen cooperative societies up to the extent of the allocated funds to get the approval to provide the grant.
6. If Jila Panchayat's Agriculture Standing committee does not approve the proposal within 45 days, then District Collector is authorized to approve the proposal submitted by the District officer of the department and remind the forthcoming proceedings.
7. After the approval of Agriculture standing committee, departmental district officer will follow the proceeding for payment according to the scheme after obtaining the approval from CEO jila Panchayat.
8. In any case, payment to any institute, Agency or Person in cash is wholly prohibited. Payments must be made through a bank account or bank draft must.
Eligibility of beneficiary Eligibility of Fishermen cooperative societies :
1. Registered fishermen cooperative societies constituted for the beneficiaries of scheduled caste.
2. Registered fishermen cooperative societies constituted for the beneficiaries of scheduled tribes.
3. Registered fishermen cooperative societies of general category will be eligible, whose 75 % or more than 75 % members are of traditional, hereditary scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.
4. only those registered fishermen's cooperative societies will be eligible, who have leased ponds and reservoirs of three tier panchayat / municipal body according to the rules under fishery policy 2008 and engaged in fisheries.
5. Guilty / Defaulter / Bankrupt / Inactive fishermen's cooperative societies according to the terms and conditions of lease agreement and under fisheries policy 2008, may not be eligible for the scheme.
Duration of Training 15 days training is provided to the beneficiaries under departmental fishermen's training program. Under the scheme, members of the beneficiary fishermen's cooperative societies will be selected for training and the training will be provided to them.
Other Information Financial arrangements :
The aid will be granted to fishermen's cooperative societies of scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and general caste (including 75% Other backward class) from state's plan Head, In the context of development activities financial arrangements may also be from other schemes.
Monitoring and Reporting :
The monitoring of timely implementation and cent per cent quality of work will be done by the district officer of the Department of fisheries. Monthly and quarterly information on the progress of the scheme will be forwarded in the prescribed format by the Block development in charge Assistant fisheries officer or fisheries Inspector to the Directorate through the District officer of the Department on regular basis. Divisional officer will be the nodal officer for the scheme.