Fishermen Credit Card Scheme

Name of the Scheme Fishermen Credit Card Scheme.
Affiliated with State
Objectives of the Scheme To provide Short Term Loan for working capital to Fishermen who are involved in fish culture, fish seed production and fishing in the reservoirs of the federation
Format and coverage of the Scheme Throughout the Madhya Pradesh (Through Co-operative Banks).
Plan Implementation Process Beneficiary will make contact and submit their application to Assistant Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Inspector, posted at Block / Tehsil level and Assistant Director, Fisheries of concerned District. Proposals of the selected beneficiaries prepared by the District Officer and shall be sent to Co-Operative Banks to make Credit Cards. Difference amount of the interest of the Grant shall be provided by the M.P. State Co operative Bank Limited Bhopal (Lead Bank) to District Co operative Central Bank Limited, The interest subsidy shall be adjusted in the accounts of fish farmers through the Branches of District Co operative central Bank. (For detailed information please contact District Fisheries Office of the respective District)
Eligibility of beneficiary According to the new policy of fish culture of the State - various lease holder Fish Farmers, who have been provided rural ponds and irrigation reservoirs on lease under three tier Panchayat systems. Co operative societies of fishery, Members of Self Help Groups, The fishermen involved in fishing in reservoirs underling fish federation and workers who are working in seasonal ponds for improvement of fish seeds will be the eligible beneficiaries, Leaseholder fish farmer, living below the poverty line, doing fishery business under departmental technical guidance and should not be the defaulter of Bank
Duration of Training No
Amount of Loan Short Term Loans are provided at "0" % interest rate for working capital through Co Operative Banks for following schemes.
(A) Departmental Schemes :
1. For fish culture in rural ponds -- Rs. 18,000/- per hectare
2.For Fish culture in irrigation reservoirs -- Rs. 2000/- per Hectare
3. For spawn culturing in seasonal ponds for Fish production -- Rs. 23,000/- per 0.25 Hectare
(B) Plans of Federation :
1. To purchase the Boat for fishing in Federation's reservoirs -- Rs. 10,000/- per person (Once in five years)
2.For 10 Kg. Fish Net -- Rs. 5000/- per Hectare (Once in a year) Rs. 5000/- per Person (Once in a year)
3. For spawn culturing in seasonal ponds for Fish production -- Rs. 23,000/- per 0.25 Hectare
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