Fish Seed Production in Departmental Reservoirs

Name of the Scheme Fish Production in Departmental Reservoirs.
Affiliated with State
Objectives of the Scheme Fish Seed production, Breeding Aggregation and Training in Departmental Reservoirs.
Format and coverage of the Scheme For fishing through Title fee system with the fulfillment of the purpose in the reservoirs kept in the Department according to Madhyapradesh fish culture policy and for strengthen the economic condition of members of committee groups.
Plan Implementation Process To work in departmental reservoirs, applications by fishermen cooperative groups shall be submitted to Assistant Fishery officer, posted at the District. Following points must be included in above application.
1. Application of performing and active fishermen co operative society group.
2. Proposal of committee group.
3. List of committee group, will undertake fishing in said reservoir.
4. The work must be described according to rate of departmental title fee and policy guidelines
5. To start the fishing work only after depositing security amount, advance royalty and execution of contract, to provide Identity cards to members of committee group and fishing work to be done only through the members having identity cards.
6. To be weigh the fishes every day at the scheduled time and to be entered in fishing register.
7. Following the Rules of M.P. Fisheries Act - 1948, is compulsory.
Eligibility of beneficiary Performing and active Committee / Group.
Duration of Training 10 Days.
Amount of Grant -
Other Information -