Education Training ( Training of Fishermen )

Name of the Scheme Education Training  ( Training of Fishermen )
Affiliated with  State
Objectives of the Scheme To provide Technique of fish culture and training for fishing, fish net weaving, repairing, boat operation, fish seed production and cultivation etc. to all categories of fishermen.
Format and coverage of the Scheme The scholarship of Rs. 750/- and the actual fair to come to Training Center from their residence or maximum amount of Rs. 100/- is provided to every Trainee. Nylon thread worth Rs. 400/- is provided free of cost for fish net weaving, Thus Rs. 1250/- is spent on each Trainee. The plan is being operated in all Districts of the State.
Plan Implementation Process Theoretical and Practical Training is imparted to selected Trainees, at the fish production and fish seed production centers of the district by the Authorities of the Department. Selection of fishermen is done by the committee, headed by District Panchayat which includes two non government nominated members and one Assistant Director, Fisheries. 15 days fisheries training is imparted by the Department, in this plan.
Eligibility of beneficiary Active members of Fishermen Co operative societies, Members of Self Help Groups, Beneficiary of Fish farmers development agency, fish seed producers and promoters, people involved in fishing activities, the beneficiary, on leasing the fish pond reservoir for fishing.
Duration of Training 15 Days
Amount of Grant Provision of Rs. 1250/- per trainee is in the scheme
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