Details of Information Officers

Form – A

The process of providing requested information under the right to information:

  1. Applicant will submit their application by paying prescribed fees on prescribed format which is available with Public Information Officer. No fee would be payable for the people living below poverty line.
  2. Information which comes under the authority of the Department of Fisheries Development, will be provided through the Public Information Officer to the applicant within the period of 30 days after receiving the application. If the required information does not found, it could be found by paying a fee of Rs. 50/- to first appellate officer within the period of 50 days. A fee of Rs. 100/- will have to pay for second appeal to get the information from State information Commission, for that the duration of 90 days is fixed.
  3. The information provided under right to information will be provided according to provisions of Madhya Pradesh Right to Information Act - 2005 (Fees and Appeal)

Form – B

Information of Names and Telephone Numbers of Public Information Officers appointed by the department of Fisheries Development.

Application Form – Attached.